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Masternode Mining

AlpCoin Logo gold Kopie.png

Web Wallet

What is AlpCoin - Cash
AlpCoin Cash is your secure crypto currency.

Use the first AML compliant and digital currency linked to your identity for private payments or in our megastore.

AlpCoin Cash is a decentralized blockchain based cryptocurrency that combines all the features of Bitcoin, but introduces client ID’s into its blockchain, thereby making it theft free, traceable, KYC and AML conform.


Real traceability of funds due to digital ID which are attached to all users‘ coins directy in the blockchain


Due to the traceability and our own encryption technology, Alpcoin Cash is one of the most secure coins in the market.


We guarantee instant settlement of transactions by deploying one of the fastest technologies

Easy To Use

You can easily buy, hold, sell and spend Alpcoin Cash, directly on our website and shop system

Legal & Compliant

We comply with all money laundering regulations and strictly adhere to the KYC / AML procedure in accordance with the Swiss standard.


You can spend your Alpcoin Cash directly in our megastore, where you have access to thousands of articles and merchants

AlpCoin  Cash has dedicated resources that are working hard to deliver additional value to the AlpCoin community in the future and promises a number of important new features as time goes on.


AlpCoin Group

2013 - 2015

  • Software Development

  • Concept Global Software Solution

  • E-Commerce & Affilinet System

  • Market study Blockchain Technology

  • Company setup in UAE

  • Market study cryptocurrencies

  • Start Project AlpCoin

  • Concept financial regulation KYC/AML

2016 - 2017

  • Development Project AlpCoin

  • Market launch AlpCoin as E-commerce system

  • Token Sale AlpCoin

  • AlpCoin System in 12 languages

  • AlpCoin Shopsystem in 72 countries

  • Launch Crypto currency AlpCoin (ALP) 10.11.2017

  • Development of a new Blockexplorer

2019 Start AlpCoin Cash

2018 - 2019

  • New AlpCoin Blockexplorer

  • Launch new sponsorship

  • Relaunch AlpCoin homepage

  • Rename activities in the AlpCoin Group

  • Shopsystem AC4EC - ac4ec.com before AlpCoin

  • Recording on other listing pages & exchange

  • AlpCoin software 2.0

  • sold over 12 Billions AlpCoin

  • AlpCoin Blockchain-Technology License packages (white label) with 23 different software solutions available to third parties.

  • New Blockchain solution and change AlpCoin in AlpCoin Cash

  • Masternode Mining solution



Easy installation for Masernode Mining with high profit.

Web Wallet

Save web wallet with integrated masternode functionality.

AlpCoin Logo gold Kopie.png