AlpCoin was established in 2016, as a token to support our Ecommerce. Since then, the Cryptocurrency market has changed dramatically, with a significant drop in the exchange rate. Therefore, Swiss A-Coin Trading FZC have made the decision to close our Blockchain service and will no longer be offering AlpCoins as part of our business. The AlpCoin Blockchain platform and website will be switched off on October 31st 2019.


However, our valued customers will be able to convert any existing AlpCoins to Evobusy points and to use them in the shop, with our Evobusy partner offering our members an investment package that allows for the subsequent conversion of Evobusy points to Euro currency, subject to terms and conditions.


We will email all of our customers with more information and next steps by the end of September. In the meantime, you can contact us if you have any immediate questions to

Latest News from 10.10.2019:

Dear Sir or Madam,

following Hashfort's ransomware attack, we have successfully secured and converted all Alpcoin Cash on the Evobusy platform. In the meantime, a criminal complaint has been filed against companies and persons responsible.

This week, we have rebuilt the Alpcoin Cash on Ethereum basis, so that we can credit all Alpcoin Cash partners back to Go4cryptos.

To be clear, any single Alpcoin Cash will be given back as Alpcoin Cash or as EVO-point. You will have the freedom to choose and there is no legal ground to ask back for money or open any legal action. We desire to be very clear about this point because we know that unknown people are offering "legal services" for money. So, some people organized scams and ransomware (see, Tourist coin, Listex…) and now some others are asking money for a so-called "class action". Please don't fall into the trap.

The principal customers have decided to stay with Evobusy because of the change in the crypto world.

You now have the decision, if you comply with the guidelines of Evobusy to stay on Evobusy with the EVO-points or to get back your Alpcoin Cash on Go4cryptos. Please note that if you will decide to stay in Evobusy platform, your Alpcoin Cash will be burned.

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